DUNHILL (英国顶级男士高端时尚品牌, 品牌策划全案)

这是京涛策划合作的第三个英国时尚品牌.  当然也只是我们多年来合作的数十家欧洲高端时尚品牌之一.   我们曾合作过的在全球顶级奢侈品,也有大众的欧洲品牌,同时也有欧洲小国的百年老品牌, 还有中国代理商所销售的欧洲(特别是意大利和法国)的品牌. 我们见过太多欧洲和美国泊来品牌, 无论是哪一种欧洲品牌, 对于我们中国人而言,讲究的是一个品味,中国人追求的是一种永远得不到的另一种文化的品味, 所以永远都在追求,正如欧洲人追求古朴的东方韵味一般.  一个经典品牌的诞生与延续, 在中国人看欧洲品牌的角度, 是有浓郁的高端高贵乃至高不可攀, 正因为如此心理造就了欧洲诸多大众品牌在中国市场的发迹乃至市场奇迹. DUNHILL在英国历史悠久, 我们与其合作, 正因为我们以前曾合作过男士的高端时尚服饰, 所以对这个领域很了解. 当然,这也不是京涛第一次与世界名牌合作, 所以也省却了膜拜,更多是对现实市场的实际操作和中国本土之有效策划!

This is Jin Tao planning cooperation of third British fashion brand. One of the dozens of European high-end fashion brand also just years of our cooperation. We have done business in the world's top luxury, a common European brands, there is also a small European country the century-old brand, and sales of Europe (Chinese agents particularly in Italy and France) brand. We have seen too many European and American foreign brands, no matter what kind of brand in Europe, for us Chinese, about a taste, Chinese is the pursuit of a will never get another cultural taste, so always in pursuit, as the Europeans to pursue the ancient oriental flavor. The birth and the continuation of a classic brand in Chinese, European brand point of view, is a strong high-end noble and too high to be reached, because of this mentality has created many popular European brand in the Chinese market success and market miracle. DUNHILL in the UK has a long history, we to work with, because we had worked together before men's high-end fashion, so in this field is very understanding. Of course, this is not the Tao first and world Famous brand cooperation, so also obviates the worship of the real market, more practical and effective planning in china!

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